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AAA: About Asian Americans

Asian Americans
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This is a community for all Asian Americans, whether you are from Central, East, South, or Southeast Asia, or even the Middle East. American born or fresh off the boat, this is for those all of us who live in the mixed world of being Asian American.

Feel free to introduce yourselves, but please realise that the focus of this community shines upon Asian American issues in politics, the media, and our everyday lives. Talk about Michelle Malkin and her opinion on the Japanese internment camps. Talk about the radio show, Pacific Time. Talk about how you feel as an Asian American. The topics are endless.

Racist remarks, either pro- or anti-Asian, are not allowed in this community. Mild offenses will first get a warning. Oldlandish first offenses will get a temporary ban. After the temporary ban, then offenders will be permamently banned.

Got comments or questions? Need to talk to the moderator about anything? Send an email: ariose@gmail.com.

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AsianAmerican.net - A very good all around resource for Asian Americans
AsianAmericanFilm.com - About Asian American directors and their films
NAAAP: National Association of Asian American Professionals - An organisation for Asian American professionals
NAATA: National Asian American Telecommunications Association - Promoting Asian American media
ModelMinority.com - Asian American empowerment

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