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Call for submissions - AAA: About Asian Americans

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May 22nd, 2010

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04:00 am - Call for submissions
Naku Po They Didn't! (NKPTD) is an English-language, online news-sharing community about Philippine popular culture and media.  A spin-off of ONTD (American) and OMNTD (Korean) on the same blogging platform, NKPTD aims to heighten overseas awareness and support for Filipino artists.

[info]nakupotheydidnt is now open for submissions!

Who can post: anyone with a LiveJournal account (It's free!)

What to post: any news or updates about Filipino artists, celebrities, shows, movies, music, and everything else pop culture.

Why you should post: because Filipinos are awesome!

Also interested in the very rich OPM live band scene? Visit our sister community at [info]nkptd_plugged.

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Date:June 26th, 2012 07:05 pm (UTC)

For Russian friends! Dying call from prison of Portugal Premier Minister!


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