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Write to Resist! Writing Workshop Series for Asian American Young Women (14-18) - AAA: About Asian Americans

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March 20th, 2010

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10:42 pm - Write to Resist! Writing Workshop Series for Asian American Young Women (14-18)
Have you been searching for a space to express yourself creatively and politically through writing but haven't found that space yet? Are you interested in exploring the notion of "Asian American" and where you fit in the mix? Are you an Asian American woman between the ages of 14-18? If so, this workshop series is for you! For more information, please contact writetoresistworkshop@gmail.com.

Thursdays, starting NOW, 4:30-6:00 PM
@ Project Reach NYC, 39 Eldridge Street, 4th fl., NY, NY 10002

Write to Resist is a writing workshop series for Asian American young women (ages 14-18) to use writing as a creative vehicle to explore issues of identity and violence. This workshop series offers a rare and safe space for Asian American young women to invent together and explore multiple ways to empower themselves. Throughout the seven workshops, participants will 1) collaborate on a zine featuring their art and written work 2) have the opportunity to showcase their work in an end of the series final performance. All levels of experience welcome! For more information about the workshop series and how to apply, visit the website here. For specific questions, feel free to email: writetoresistworkshop@gmail.com.


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